Arjuna Rituals

Manifest the balance state within your masculine and feminine energy through connection with the divine Mother Earth

The feminine and masculine energy within us always wants to find balance. Our task is to provide space and time for our body, mind and soul to reconnect them again and find the peaceful balance within.

Let’s get yourselves out! Recharge and release all things that doesn’t serve our life anymore and bring positive supportive energy inwards for greater expansion.

This program is a perfect way to learn and rebalance our inner-being. This healing retreat combines holistic practice of relaxation through healing massage, healing energy and meditation, physical practice of yoga asana, and outdoor activities to connect to the nature such as biking around the hills, and also waterfall and jungle trekking. The combination of adventurous and challenging activities with relaxation practices helps us to find deeper meaning of life and finally touch the infinite power of our mind.

Arjuna Rituals Wellness Retreat Programs:

1 Full-Day Arjuna Rituals

Awaken the Fire, then flow with sound of Sacred Water

3 Nights Arjuna Rituals

In-touch to your Shiva and Shakti, find balance within masculine and feminine part of you