Sundaram Divine

Refine and Detox your body, mind and soul

Connect with your physical body, open-up with your heart and awakened your spirit

Experience the healing beyond your physical body. As you are connecting your soul with nature, you are awakening the spirit in your mind. When your physical body is pure and healthy, your mind state become subtle and clear. Therefore, you can find clarity within yourself. As you find clarity, your spiritual journey is started. Soendaram Divine Retreat combine healing massage, energetic healing with sound, outdoor activities to create balance and Traditional Balinese Purification Rituals allowing the body, soul and mind to be connected!

Sundaram Divine Wellness Retreat Programs:

1 Full-Day Sundaram Divine

Higher-up your bodily frequency, lighten up your spirit

3 Nights Sundaram Divine

Experience of trust and surrender, allow the flow of life filled with abundance