Topvibes Pool & Eatery

Experience the space as you gaze towards the vast galaxies at Topvibes Pool & Eatery. Our open space at the top of the hills indulges your inner-imagination. Take the Love of your life to experience a romantic dining under the vast sky with our luxurious casual style, rich choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.

Enlighten your savory with the riches indulgence on your plate, surrounding with the majestic land under the glorious sky!

Our Galery

Pure Refreshment

Taste our tropical flavors of "Rosemary Blueberry Smash" from our fresh ingredients

Incredible View on Top of Hills

Enchanting panoramic view of hills with the unforgettable taste of our dish.

Unleash The Exotic

Experience the fusion of sweet and sour from "Red Vibes" with the taste of Dragon Fruit.