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Wellness & Retreat Programs

Experience the healing beyond your physical body. As you are connecting your soul with nature, you are awakening the spirit in your mind. Cultural experience in The North of Bali and and find the peaceful balance within.

Divine & Retreat

Divine Healing at Soendaram Divine & Retreat convince with the perfect set of healing massage, energetic healing, body-care rituals such as body-scrub, body-mask, bath-rituals and completed with face-rituals.

Pool & Eatery

Experience the space as you gaze towards the vast galaxies at TopVibes Pool & Eatery. Our open space at the top of the hills indulges your inner-imagination. Take the Love of your life to experience a romantic dining under the vast sky with our luxurious casual style, rich choices of vegetarian and non-vegetarian menu.

Enlighten your savory with the riches indulgence on your plate, surrounding with the majestic land under the glorious sky!

Somarasa Plant-based Restaurant

With plant-based cuisine, Somarasa serve holistic taste of savory. Rich with nature, all delicacies born from the north Bali organic gardens. Somarasa concept following the sustainable and eco-friendly spirit of the earth, supporting the permaculture and organic farming.

Nestled on the hillside, Somarasa brings high energy into savory plates to awakens your tasty buds!

Spa Day

Relax, renew, and refresh at our luxurious spa.

TopVibes Pool & Eatery

Relaxing pool side vibes with refreshing drinks

A View of Haven

Have your retreat in a place with a view like no other.

Plant Based Diet

Bring the healthier you to life with our delicious plant based diet.


Cleanse your body and soul with water and flowers.

Activities, Package, and Offer

We offer an excited program that will elevate your vacation and make your time with Maha Hills more memorable!

Blog & Experience

Life is a magical gift. Allow yourself to find your highest potential by your self-love practice with glorious nature and sacred culture.

Package and Offer

Enjoy our special deal and promotion at our facilities!

Kandarpa Wedding Chapel

Take your romance to the highest level and share the infinite loving with the earth and the sky at Kandarpa Wedding Chapel. The best spot to take your loved ones experiencing the unforgettable moments of wedding and romance celebration. At this space your hearts, minds and souls are united perfectly.

Plans your most beautiful and unforgettable romance with us!

About Maha Hills

Stay in a healing haven nestled at the top of Sambangan Hills.

This resort is a dream come true for those who wish to reconnect with themselves and nature.

Surrounded by rice fields, jungles, and waterfalls, you’ll find yourself coming back again and again.

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