Balinese Canang Workshop

Weekly Workshop, every Monday and Friday at 09.00 – 10.00

Price 150.000/ person

Private 750.000 (max 2 persons per session), based on availability

“Canang”, a sacred carrier the essence of prayer, crafted with an array of vibrant blossoms delicately nestled on the embraced coconut’s leaf intricate beauty. Each Canang is a living poetry, a symphony of colors and fragrances, expressing the highest intentions of our prayers as they intertwine with the divine.

The act of crafting and offering the Canang become meditation, a practice to elevate the quality of devotion. This exquisite practice becomes the bridge, connecting our individual consciousness to the boundless expanse of the supreme consciousness. The offering is more than just a visual feast, it is a sacred dialogue, where the language of the flowers becomes the whispered prayers.

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