Balinese Dance Class Workshop

Weekly Workshop, every Tuesday and Thursday at 09.00 – 10.00

Price 150.000/ person

Private 750.000 (max 2 persons per session), based on availability

Join us! Into the journey of grace through the fields of energetic dimension. The Balinese dance contains sacred forms, guiding the physical body to waltz into the immersion of vibrant energy fields. Through this intricate dance, we create and uphold geometric formations that serve as a portal, inviting the activation of specific energetic fields within our being.

Within the intentional movements, a subtle alchemy transpires a choreography of a sacred forms of physicality awaken the latent energies, ushering the consciousness into higher realms of awareness. This dance is a living prayer, a dialogue with unseen, where each step resonates as a harmonious note in the symphony of the cosmos.

As the body becomes a vessel for the dance, the spirit transcends the constraints of the mundane spiraling into the ascendant journey of the energetic realms. This sacred practice elevates the physical form into luminous expanses of heightened consciousness.

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