Bali stands as a testament to unparalleled beauty, hailed as one of the most captivating islands globally, adorned with names like the Paradise Island, Island of Gods, and The Island of a Thousand Temples. Its allure emanates from the exquisite blend of Balinese culture and captivating natural landscapes. Pre-pandemic, Bali welcomed over 15,000 tourists, with an annual influx soaring to 5 million, as per PT. Angkasa Pura I.

Split into North and South Bali, each segment boasts its own distinct charm in terms of tourist attractions. North Bali, a haven for those seeking joy in tranquility, hosts a myriad of attractions primarily within the Buleleng regency, renowned for its majestic waterfalls.

Buleleng is adorned with numerous waterfalls, most notably in Sukasada, particularly the captivating Sambangan Village, home to Aling-Aling, Canging, Dedari, Cemara, Tembok Barak, and Blue Lagoon waterfalls.

Canging, Dedari, and Cemara Waterfalls: Nestled in Banjar Anyar, Sambangan Village, these medium-height waterfalls, approximately 8 meters in height, are ensconced within natural rock formations. The trio forms a route within a 10-minute walk, offering a trek through picturesque rice fields and natural vistas. Visitors relish the liberty to swim and capture memorable moments at these falls.

Aling-Aling Waterfall: A highlight of Sambangan, Aling-Aling, situated along the main road of the village, stands tall at around 30 meters. Adored by cliff jumpers from diverse corners of the globe, it offers a thrilling water sliding experience. Given the terrain and surroundings, local guides are recommended for a safe exploration.

Blue Lagoon: Aptly named for its breathtaking blue hue, this shorter waterfall requires traversing a 300-meter stairway. Visitors are greeted by stone walls flanking a picturesque mini-waterfall and a serene bluish-green natural pool. Caution is advised for non-swimmers, with the central pool’s depth, while edges maintain a depth of merely 1 meter or by renting a float from the entry counter.

Navigating these captivating tourist destinations in Sambangan demands guidance, and Maha Hills, a trailblazer in North Bali’s wellness resort scene, offers the perfect route to explore these natural wonders. Located in Jalan Tiying Tali, Banjar Anyar, Sambangan village, Maha Hills strategically places guests amidst this natural splendor. They curate optimal trekking packages and facilitate all activities within Buleleng’s tourism areas, ensuring a safe and enriching experience under the guidance of expert facilitators.

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